Is there a solution for most of your love woes? Yes, there is- Online dating. It is a great way to stay away from meat market hellhole at your corner bar or nightclub. But with all the frustration stories with hookup sites, where can you look? Well, online dating doesn’t have to be a completely terrible affair, and these sites prove it.

Our Top Choice: An Awesome Hookup Site

TSDates is a US-based dating site for members of the LGBTQ+ community that was founded in 1996. Although it targets members of the third sex, it does not discriminate and is open to all. Are you straight but curious about the Transsexual world? Maybe you are a group or a couple that’s interested in experiencing the joy of trans world companionship? Then TSdates is the perfect place for you.

With millions of members globally, the site has made itself a force to be reckoned with. It has all the features you need to enjoy the full experience of online adult dating. Its content may overwhelm you at first, but that’s fine if you’re really into the fun and kinky stuff.

How it works: Being a top free transgender dating site, you can sign up as any gender you wish, be it a man, woman, as a couple or a group. After that, you get to choose your category in which you’d like to browse for sex partners, friends, or soul mates.

You then answer a few questions about yourself and agree to the site’s terms and conditions. You must be of legal age, i.e., older than 18, to join. You will receive an account verification email after which you are ready to start dating. You will get some messages from the team about the available Gold membership and a welcome letter with helpful information about the site; it’s content, and how to navigate through it.

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What’s unique: offers a safe space for TS singles, men, women, and other admirers to unite. Members with a standard or free account can fill out their profiles and search for attractive dates using advanced search tools. The sites internal mail system simplifies online trans dating and makes it low pressure so that you can chat up potential partners from the comfort of your own home. With a Gold membership account, all features and utilities of the site are always at your disposal.

  • Has a paid version

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My Ladyboy DateA Relationship Site

You’ve not gotten the best of dating sites if you haven’t been into MyLadyboyDate. This site offer international dating service and targets hermaphrodite women exclusively, commonly known as “ladyboys.” A majority of this site’s users are from the Asians community given the fact that they make the highest population of trans women in the world. However, there are many of these types from other countries, and reviews on the website clearly shows why it’s the dating site trans on the planet IF you are looking for a fulfilling relationship.

It’s not easy to meet out in public,  and it’s frustrating to sign up for a site that has a few hundred members around the world and none of them is near you. When it come to dating “bigger is better” and it’s such a huge site and well equipped to help you achieve your goals.

This dating site has the primary focus on finding someone to date and/or marry. The focus is to find someone who you can fall in love with as opposed to other website that focus on hookups or sexual encounters. Only join if you are looking for a fulfilling relationship and not a hookup.

  • Has a paid version

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Is your work schedule too busy to get a date? Do you feel nervous when approaching people you would really like to know? Or, perhaps, you think your bedroom needs are so unique that you wouldn’t find someone to meet them? Regardless of the reasons, AdultFriendFinder is the right place for you. Here you can always find someone to scratch your itch even without getting string attached.

How it works: After filling out the questionnaire — which includes your gender and sexual orientation information, relationship status, and the kind of people you are interested in — you will be taken to the site’s homepage. Here, you can search for people with similar interests and who are ready to mingle whether it be in the form of romantic relationships, or casual hookups and sex.

The special thing AdultFriendFinder is the fact that it allows you to create a free account and find some success with it. To unlock all the features of the site though, it is recommended you upgrade to a Gold membership account. You can subscribe for 1-month of Gold at $30/month, 3-months of Gold at $20/month or a12-month Gold subscription at $15/month only.

What’s unique: Both men and women use AdultFriendFinder to look for casual sex, or romantic partners or just simply a one-night stand to stay warm on a cold lonely night. To increase the chances of success, you can join a community of online sex friends on the site to meet other hot men and women looking for the same thing as you. The website has a webcam chat that enables you to flirt with and tease your hot prospects. If you are confident about what you want and are ready to get your game on, there is no way you won’t score a mate for yourself.

  • Has a paid version

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Dating is never easy. Finding the right partner to love is complicated. You’ll need to go through a series of hits and misses. But unlike in the past, where you only had few options, nowadays, technology has made dating very easy. People from all over the world can meet and interact and form long-lasting relationships.

But even with advancement in technology, finding your date as a trans-woman is still challenging. There aren’t so many sites available for transsexuals, and most of those that are there tend to oversexualize transwomen. However, is a website that tries eradicating this by allowing meeting of transwomen and men who’re interested in them and building fruitful relationships. If you want to try your luck on this site, here’s an honest review.

This website was created by Cyril Mazur and Maki Gongoyon in 2014. It is actually their second site. Their first one is called My Ladyboy Date, which mostly caters for individuals in Asia. Its main purpose is to create a safe and friendly platform for transsexual women looking for love. Here, they can develop meaningful relationships and not just casual flings. Cyril and Maki aimed at building a non-judgmental and an accepting community for transgender people.


This site has various unique features that differentiate it from other transsexual dating sites. They include:

· Instant messaging
One can send messages to people that interest him/her, although this feature is only free for women. Men need to have premium accounts.
· Rigorous screening of over 100000 profiles
All profiles are screened thoroughly to ensure security and privacy. And the platform doesn’t match people with algorithms, but instead they send you suggestions of the people you’re likely to be compatible with.
· 100% free to transgender women
· Compatible with both tablets and smartphones
· Allows blocking of members or hiding their profiles from your search menu

How Does This Site Work?

Registration on is quick and easy. You first create your profile by filling up their sign in form on this website. You will be asked some information such as your status, your country of residence and email address, among other things. After filling up, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and then you can begin setting up your profile. Just like in most dating sites, you’ll be asked to upload your profile picture. The moderators will then evaluate it before it’s approved to make sure that you aren’t misrepresenting yourself.

Types of Profiles

Signing up is completely free. And your account will remain active as long as you’re using it. However, men can sign up for premium profiles to access advanced features. But, note that transsexual women can enjoy features of this website without paying any fee. But males pay $10.50 per month to unlock all features. Doing this helps filter out males that aren’t serious.

What Makes This Platform Unique?

1. Lasting Relationships

If you want serious relationships, this is an excellent platform. But those who want casual flings, this won’t be the most suitable website. However, you can check out TSmingle as it’s suitable for individuals who want short term relationships.

2. No Discrimination of Any Kind

Apart from Cyril, the rest of this company’s dedicated team comprises of transsexual women. Right from IT developers to customer care personnel, they’re all transwomen. This, therefore, completely eliminates judgmental attitude and discrimination.

3. Elimination of Scammers

As we’ve earlier said, this site has professionals who carefully evaluate each profile to ensure that there aren’t repeat profiles and no one is misrepresenting themselves. Other websites don’t often do this. And by so doing, they protect you from catfishing and scams.

4. Member Diversity

My Transsexual Date has many members from all over. Currently, it hosts 420,000 registered members, and 40,000 accounts are active each month, which means you have so much freedom of choosing who you want to interact with and date.

Apart from the above advantages, this site is also available in seven different languages, including French and Thai, among others. And they’re planning on adding even more languages. This, therefore, eliminates the language barrier and allows people from all over to meet their lovers.

Additionally, its website interface is very clear and straightforward so that individuals have an easy time using it.

Subscription Plans

There are four subscription plans on this platform. One can either subscribe for one month or pay $29.90 or you can choose three months which costs $68.70 or one can go with the six months package which costs $101.40 or if you choose to subscribe for the one year plan, you’ll pay $130.80. Note that only men pay for these subscriptions as this platform is free for all transgender women.

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· Browsing through profiles, sending and receiving messages is free for everyone
· Strict verification of all profiles
· Availability of a chartroom
· This site is free for transgender women


· There’s no mobile app
· You can’t send or receive message unless you’re an upgraded member
· There isn’t automatic matching

Final Thoughts is a serious site that helps its users find love and create fruitful relationships. And because of this, more and more people continue to register on it. Transgender women can connect with their admirers without fear and also men who like trans women can find their beloved ones here. But if you’re still not sure about it, you can also register on and find your perfect match.

Transgender Dating

You need to go over the transgender dating guide from where you will get to know how to date a transgender person successfully. Just like any dating situation, there are some tips you can apply to make your dating more successful. The transgender people come with different personalities. You need to take time and understand them, after which you can start dating. Some people face challenges when dating. You may be among one them. You should not worry; it is a common challenge that you can easily overcome. You only have to apply the right tips, and it will be easy for you to overcome them and start dating successfully. Here are some of the tips you can use to enjoy your transgender dating:

Some people will meet transgender people and wonder about how they will start. Making them feel like fetish or novelty will make them turn off. You need to relate to them as normal people and respect their feelings. Even if the person you are dealing with is transgender, you need to let him know you are interested in dating them as they are. Avoid making them feel like you would like to explore their Trans state. You will make them feel bad if you would appear as if you are just after exploring their bodies. Let them know you appreciate the way they are and are interested in making them enjoy dating life.

To easily interact with transgender people, you will sign up on websites where you will meet them. It can be hard to locate a transgender person on the street. Take time to sign up on the dating sites which are dedicated to the Trans people. You will get the opportunity to visit as many profiles as possible, after which you will get to interact with them.

In most cases, you will get to know more about the Trans people after you read their profiles. From the profiles, you will get to know their preferences and likes. Try to interact with people whom you share some likes and interests. Send out messages to as many profiles as possible where you will explain exactly what you would like to have. If you are after casual dating, you will find people interested. For serious relationships, the sites will as well make it easy for you to know.

Ask normal dating questions

You will start by interacting with the people, after which you will proceed to start your dating adventure. You need to ask normal questions from where you will get to know each other. For example, let to know the person’s names, where he lives, likes, and other normal questions, you can ask any person when about to date. The normal dating question will make them feel valued and stay interested. We all prefer people to treat us with dignity. You will easily win the heart of a transgender person if you can let him feel normal.

Show them respect

In all stages of your interaction with the transgender people, let them know you value them. You need to get their opinions about places where they are comfortable for you to interact, among other issues. It will be easy for you to get alone and even move your relationship to another level if you can take necessary measures and interact with the transgender people.

Transgender Dating Websites

There are several transgender dating websites out there. They are the best way to interact with transgender people and start dating. Remember, it is easy for you to hook up with a transgender person if you can look for him or her in places where people interact freely, it will be easy for you to kick start your dating adventure. The websites vary based on several factors. It is necessary to check on the features available on the sites so that you can know the best. Here are some of the top transgender dating websites where you can sign up and get to interact with as many people as possible from where you can start your relationship.

Being a transsexual can be challenging, especially when one feels like it is time to start dating. This is a group of people that many tend to misunderstand. Not only that, they at some point tend to misunderstand themselves too. However, there have been transgender resources set up specifically to give with a group of people a platform where they can blend and interact with their own, share their dating experiences, a place they can be sure of reliable information and above all, where they can feel free without hiding their identity. The article will be giving a guide on how to go about dating using the available transgender resources.

Transsexual dating

It is important to note that the transsexual people are neither lesbians nor gays; neither are they drag queens nor bi-sexual. Rather, they are the people who feel, behave, think, and want to live like the opposite gender. Their transition from one gender to the other one comes with its challenges; that is sexual health, mental health as well as physical health. Thus, the dating experiences for these people are varied due to the multiplicity of identities and sexual orientations. By use of transgender resources, the dating for this group of people is made quite easy. However, one should be very careful while using these resources. Some of the tips that one should at least pay attention to are;

1. When you are placing a personal, invest in time researching on where you want it posted since the site attracts types of people that are different.
2. If using this person, be keen and on the lookout for those who would show conmanship traits. If anyone starts asking for money favors, giving you a phone number that looks suspicious, a person who is not okay with meeting you in public place or even those that tend to ask more on personal information.
3. Always remember that it’s up to you to disclose whether you are on pre or even post-opp. The user should always share what he or she is comfortable with on your profile.
4. If you intend to know or you have the curiosity to know the person you are chatting with is in which -op, be a bit considerate when asking as many users could be uncomfortable to share the information immediately.
5. Apart from personal sites, you can as well meet this group of people in places like experience project .com,, or even Facebook. If you are looking for a pen pal relationship and friendship, you can check out with those platforms at first before deciding to go to personal sites. It becomes easy to get a hook up there since there is less pressure, and they don’t focus more on dating rather having a supportive community that is growing.
6. The way of responding to a transsexual personal site is the same in almost all these sites. You only need to click on the person of interest profile, send a link to your profile or maybe leave a brief note for him or her. Ensure you don’t include details like phone numbers, your address, or location as a safety measure.

In conclusion, being a transsexual should not hold you back when it comes to dating. Try to find love and friendship from the provided transgender resources. If you feel like you aren’t sure of the sexuality of your partner, it is advisable that you first flirt with them just as you would with any other person. After some time, you can try bringing up the transsexual topic, which is probably trending. In such a point, you can share your own opinions about the transgender while trying to gauge the reaction of your partner.