TS Mingle Review

Whether you’re searching for a serious relationship or just a casual fling, TS Mingle is considered among the best trans-dating sites for all trans-singles. One of the reasons why many people love it is because there aren’t any hidden charges and gimmicks. Plus, it’s open and free to transgender people and those who’re interested in them. But is it the right dating site for you to find your partner? Keep reading this review to find out.


Even if you’re on a budget, you can still chat and flirt with trans singles without breaking a bank. What makes this platform stand out is that it’s absolutely free, and one doesn’t need to pay for any membership plan. After joining, you can begin enjoying all its features without worrying about any charges.


Sending and Receiving Messages- TS Mingle gives individuals an opportunity for meeting and interacting with trans singles from all over the world without the need of hoping from one site to another.

Thousands of Members- This site features over 10,000 members who are all valid. And since it’s a premier dating platform, it has many visitors registering on it regularly.

100% Free- There is no upscale or gimmicks. TS Mingle is 100% free. One does not even need to have a credit card for him/her to enjoy the incredible features of this website.


Individuals can connect with other members from around them as well as other parts of the world. And people can access other profiles, videos, and photos. Furthermore, one can chat with users they like without any membership plan.


Members enjoy several features on this platform such as tracking your match and accessing articles with tips and information that’ll help you even as you are trying to find someone you really like. Blog articles are always updated for you to know what’s trending in trans dating world. You can also like videos and photos from other profiles.

Ease of Use

Even non-specialists can use this site. It’s easy to use and very basic. And at the end of the day, you’ll surely have fun browsing through various profiles. Having an account on TS Mingles gives you access on thousands of transgender singles looking for someone like you. You can also check your dashboard to see who has viewed your profile or messaged you. And if you stay active, you’ll surely meet the person who suits you best.

Creating an Account

To sign up on this site, one should follow some simple steps provided on the homepage. You’ll be needed to give the necessary information required before your profile is fully created. You’ll be asked your email address and place of residence among other things. You also should identify yourself in categories that are listed, which are transgender, transsexual, cross-dresses, and other options.

Privacy and Security

Safety is a major concern for this company. And it has promised that all personal information required by this platform during and after registration will not be given to a third party in any form. Those personal details are only used for contacting users on any information concerning his/her account. The safety of each member on this website is guaranteed. But when outside the site such as on a date with another member, developers cannot ascertain your safety.


· 100% free to all users
· It has valid members
· People can send and receive messages
· Members can access various profiles of other users and can like and share their photos as well as videos
· One can check who has viewed their profile
· Blogs are available for members to be updated on what’s happening in the transgender world


· Compared to other sites, it has fewer members
· Since it’s a free site, anyone can register on it even young teenagers
· People can fake their personality when registering on this site as there is no means of detecting falsehood

TS Mingle isn’t like other dating sites as it is unpaid, and one can still get access to its incredible features. If you’re an admirer of trans-singles or you’re a transgender person hoping to find someone who interests you, the free service of TS Mingle will for sure benefit you. With over ten thousand members, there’re high chances of finding what one is looking for. However, ensure that you’ve specified your needs and preferences as that will help you find your match easily. All in all, it’s an excellent site for all transsexuals. But if you’re interested in just one-night stand, TSDates.com will be an excellent alternative.