TG Personals Review

Not all transgender dating sites are the same. Finding one that meets your own personal needs can be very difficult. Since there are so many transgender dating sites on the internet, it can be like finding a needle in a hay stack. Luckily for you we have put together a few sites that we think are amazing. Each of these sites offers something different, so finding one that you love will not be an issue! Let’s get started learning more about these dating sites!

TG Personals

When looking for value many people have tried out TG Personals. This no cost transgender dating website seems to be very promising on the outside. But when you dive deeper into the site, you will notice many things wrong with it. Below are some things that we found unappealing about this site.

Very Little Customer Service

If something goes wrong with the site it is very hard to get someone to help you out. This site has poor customer service and they take forever to get back to you. Having poor service makes it really not worth your time. Instead you should choose a dating website that actually cares about its users.

A Not So Attractive Interface

When you first login to TG Personals you will see right away that the site looks very old and dated. It must have been built many years ago and has not been updated since. While this might not bother some, it makes the site look very unprofessional. This is a serious problem which is likely causing many people to avoid this website all together.

Fake Accounts

While browsing on TG Personals you will notice a lot of very attractive transgenders. But many of these beautiful women seem to simply be fake accounts! This can be very frustrating and is a big turn off to many. These fake accounts are the direct result of poor site management. It appears that this website does not have anyone monitoring profiles. This is just one more reason not to use this dating service.

Ad Heavy

While browsing the site you will notice there are a lot of adds that popup. These ads are very annoying and many of them can be offensive. If you accidentally click on one it will probably slow your computer down. When browsing the site on a smartphone these ads can be even more annoying.

Try These Transgender Dating Websites Instead

For Those Looking For A Real Relationship:

Are you looking for love? Do you want to get involved in a real meaningful relationship? If so then we have a great transgender dating site for you! is a well designed dating site that has a ton of members. This site has been around for a long time, and many people have used it to find love. Below we will learn about the benefits of using this website, to find a long and lasting transgender relationship. After we will compare the pros and cons of the site.

Easy To Navigate

When you first log into you will notice right away how easy it is to use. It is smartphone friendly and does not lag. This makes it easy to browse profiles even when on the go! The site has a simple design which helps reduce complications. Even those who are not very computer savvy will have an easy time finding someone to build a relationship with.

Lots of Members

At you won’t be alone. There are thousands of real members just waiting to contact you! Each and every day new members sign up for the platform, making it easy to find someone that you can make a real connection with!

Great Moderators

Some dating websites simply don’t care what happens on their site. This can lead to a large number of fake profiles. When this happens it makes it really difficult to find a real person that you can share your time with. You will never have to worry about that happening on This website truly cares about their customers, and have hired compassionate moderators to keep the site in check. If a fake profiles is placed on the site, it will be quickly found and removed by the moderation team.

Very Popular

As we mentioned above has a lot of members. In fact, it is one of the most popular transgender dating sites in the world! Because it is so popular, and there are so many people using it, finding someone will not be difficult. No matter what type of personality you are looking for, you can find it here!


-It is very popular and has many active members
-Moderators that truly care about your experience
-Very easy to navigate
-Highly affordable
-Not a porn website


-Not for someone looking for a quick hookup
-It does cost money to use
-For Those Looking For A Simple Hookup

If you are the type that finds long-term relationships boring, this next site just might be for you! TSMingle is a great website for anyone looking to hookup with a transgender. Here you will find lots of beautiful ladyboys that are ready to meet you. Let’s learn a little more about this awesome dating site below!

No Credit Card Needed

Everyone loves free am I right? Well you will never have to pay a dime when signing up for TSMingle. Membership is always free and there is no credit card needed! This means that you can browse beautiful transgender women from the comfort of your own home free of charge! What is not to love about that?

Plenty of Members To Mingle With

You will never run out of ladyboys to talk to on this website. There are tons of beautiful transgender women looking for dates. These ladies come from all walks of life and they all have something special to give! So if you are looking for a hot one night stand, this is the website for you.

Your Privacy Is Number One

You won’t have to worry about your privacy when surfing this website. The owners of this dating platform takes your privacy very serious. They go to great lengths to ensure that everyone that uses their site has private access. So there will be no worries when trying to hookup with the ladyboy of your dreams!

Great For Online Hookups

If you are looking to hookup with a ladyboy for a fun time, this is the site for you! This dating website makes it easy for you to find someone that shares your same interests. There are thousands of lady boys to choose from so finding someone to have a blast with will be easy!


-Totally free to use
-Thousands of profiles to choose from
-High security that protects your privacy
-The perfect dating website for hookups

Many other options to choose from including live cams


-Not the best dating site for those looking for a real relationship
-Does feature nude models which could be an issue for some people

As you can see these two websites offer something very different. But both of them supply you with what you need. So no matter if you are looking for a quick online hookup or a more serious romantic relationship, of these sites is for you! So make sure to check them out as soon as possible.